Thank you for being here - you clicked a link. Marketing agencies charge a lot of money for that. My money gets spent on stupid shit like food and rent. Every extra cent goes towards doing standup and making short films. I once spent a lot of money on a bunch of t-shirts because I came up with a fun design. Click here to buy one. If I sell them all, I'll make more that you can buy. I have tons of ideas.  

If you're here because you saw something you liked and manually typed in the URL, thank you twice - you're better than the people that just clicked a link. If you clicked the link and you're still reading this far, why didn't you buy a shirt? If you did buy a shirt and then came back here and read this part, then thank you thrice - you're better than everyone else.

Below are all of the major projects I’ve made, listed newest to oldest. I made them for people like you.


Thank you,

Gabe Gerry

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Half Full - 48 Hour Film Project, Cleveland 2024 (Coming Soon)

The Test - Short Film 

The Darkroom - 48 Hour Horror Film Project, Cleveland 2024 (Coming Soon)

GOOGLY - Funniest Film, 48 Hour Film Project, Cleveland 2023

Jonestown Drinking Team Shirt

Good and Bad w/ Gabe Gerry - Cleveland Comedy Awards Best Podcast 2023

Bad Behavior - Standup Comedy Special

Overnight - Short Film

Cut & Clarity - Short Film